Public Utility Company


BT Align was contacted by a public utility providing water treatment and wastewater services to over 100,000 residents. They requested an assessment of their in-house IT organization and all IT projects underway due to concerns with budget overruns and schedule delays.


  1. Completed a detailed assessment of all in-house IT personnel, contracts and planned projects
  2. Presented the recommended staffing changes with certain positions to be retained and others to be outsourced/replaced such as the current CIO
  3. Presented the security scan results including any gaps and an IT Roadmap for future investments
  4. Developed an RFP for outsourcing of specific IT functions and managed responses from vendors
  5. Provided Fractional CIO services to fill the replaced CIO’s role to ensure the smooth transition to the new IT service provider


The utility company has now transitioned key services to an IT services provider chosen in conjunction with the executive with input from BT Align.  The client has now seen a reduction in overall budget and improvement of service delivery